Which animal do we welcome you?

Which animal do we welcome you?

During our Evening Walks, we greet you with an animal show when you enter the Main Gate. But what kind of animal can you meet at the start of your walk?

Eurasian eagle-owl
The Eurasian eagle-owl, also known as the great-eared owl, is the largest member of the owl family. A highly protected bird of prey in Hungary, it has an excellent hearing at night to capture its prey. Its diet is very varied, consisting mainly of small mammals, birds, or rabbits. It later regurgitates undigested animal parts in the form of spit, which provides valuable information about its feeding habits. The lifelong pairs that stay together for life raise their 4-6 chicks together on a rock ledge nest or another nest made by another bird.

The ferret, a member of the weasel family, was domesticated thousands of years ago. It has a flexible body and for that reason, it was once used mainly for hunting and trapping burrowing animals. This animal can easily hide in tubes and holes, thus mainly preying on rabbits, rodents, and other small mammals. The domestic ferret sleeps for 14 to 18 hours, but at dawn and dusk, it is extremely active. It’s distinctive running, playful nature and curiosity can make it a very popular animal. It is no wonder that this multi-colored mammal is becoming increasingly popular with people.

Did you know that the raven has the biggest brain of all bird species? And it’s the largest songbird! A member of the crow family, this bird has a unique voice, and its unique displays when mating. Its iconic shape with shiny blue and black plumage is in many cultures, including Hungary. The species is widespread in Eurasia, North Africa, and North America due to its extreme adaptability. It has a curious nature, intelligence, and excellent problem-solving skills. Nesting in February, this omnivorous bird typically lives 10-15 years.

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